The FV Frangivento Asfanè DieciDieci: An Unfulfilled Promise or An Italian Koenigsegg?

There is a great saying which goes along the lines of “If it is too good to be true, it probably is”. It is generally used to tell a cautionary tale so that people don’t fall into traps which they can’t escape. However, what if we told you that this is also true for laying the foundation of a limited edition Italian Exotic Hypercar? You would probably call it a scam and move on but hear us out… if they were to succeed, the result would be a 1010hp hybrid electric 10-cylinder beast. So let’s dive into the very aptly named Frangivento Asfane DieciDieci and understand what it is all about.
For Starters, the “Asfane” means it can’t be done and DieciDieci in Italian stands for the car’s total horsepower as it makes in total of 1,010hp. If you haven’t heard the name Frangivento, you don’t need to be ridiculed. Based out of Turin, Italy. The brand is also notable for making the Soprasso GT3 racecar which we have seen in Asphalt 8,9 Legends until now but according to the brand’s Instagram, they have done Pirelli Tire Tests and changes with the Soprasso. But anything other than that isn’t present. This creation is inspired by Lamborghini and to be fair the brand also has the FV GT65 to show some of the Italian media as they were doing trackdays with it so there is some credit to trust them when they were announcing the Asfane in 2019.

The Asfane is positioned to be the brand’s flagship hypercar as it makes more power than any of them at least virtually speaking. The design is striking at first sight as you see a silhouette which is incredibly aerodynamic but with the wedged shapes we have come to like from other Italian exotics of the 80s. It is a carbon fibre and aluminium body with gullwing doors, carbon fibre doors and a roof scoop with OZ racing wheels. A part aluminium and carbon body is nothing extraordinary in the age of full carbon monocoque chassis which there seems to be no update as of now but it surely tingles a few spines as we have a closer look. The lights are small but sharp which genuinely gives the Sesto Elemento vibes at least on the outside. There is also more uniqueness as the windows are in 2 pieces which means only a small part of it would open which seems to be a weight reduction measure.

But the interior looks as if it was straight out of some Italian restaurant. The dashboard is the highlight as it takes an interesting approach as there is an aluminium piece which drops straight down into the gear tunnel which adds to the drama of the interior. When you are piloting the Asfane, the steering wheel gives you the feel that you’re driving a thoroughbred racecar with a radical yolk-like silhouette and the brand symbols FV at both ends placed upon two aluminium pieces which define the 3 and 9 positions of the steering. At the centre, there is a blue woman who is either kissing or spitting water. Either way, it is a very weird way and quite characteristic of this carmaker’s philosophy of being more inclined towards form over function.

The car is powered by a 5.4 Liter V10 and a hybrid electric powertrain which produces 110hp of it. Currently, there are no specification details although the company says it will be powered via an 8-speed automatic transmission. It is still a long time from production as people eagerly anticipate whether there will be any deliveries of this Italian stallion. The company has the claims of making themselves an Italian version of Koenigsegg but that is still a long time away before anyone would bring that into conversation. It is intriguing as they have said that this car will cost somewhere around $1.1 Million and limited to 500 units.

We have seen time and again that there are the likes of Devel Sixteen making tall claims but not delivering them. However, it is all about encouraging a brand to challenge the big guys. After all, everyone loves an underdog at the end of the day. But there needs to be some indication of whether the car will be made or not. As of now, it remains a question mark whether the FV Asfane is a reality or a hoax and the FV brand behind it is certainly not giving a good impression by simply showing renderings of FV-made Le Mans hypercars rather than giving clarity as to when the tangible products will show up.

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