2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170: Last But Not The Least

Dodge giving farewell to the final and the most powerful Challenger that can accelerate from nothing to 100kmph in under 1.70 seconds, and holds the fastest quarter-mile time of 8.91 seconds.

A legacy of more than 5 decades is coming to an end, Dodge is finally giving farewell to the final Challenger, a muscle car that can scare you even if standing still. The Challenger has left huge tyre marks and created a huge impact in the history of automobiles and the muscle car territory. Now Dodge has revealed their 7th and final “Last Call” edition the Challenger SRT Demon 170, which is the most powerful Dodge and the most powerful Challenger ever made.

Under the hood of the Demon 170 sits the 6.2L Hemi V8 borrowed from the last Demon but got heavily reworked crankshaft and camshaft with a bigger 105mm diameter throttle body and a bigger 3.02” pulley for the new massive 3.0L supercharger mounted on the top with the signature silver Demon badge, the result is a whopping 1025ps @6500rpm and 1,281Nm of peak torque @4200rpm when running on the ethanol blended E85 fuel and being on the E10 fuel it can still able to churn out a blithering 900ps and 1098Nm paired with an 8-speed automatic as same as the Hellcat Redeye wide-body, and with the Transbrake 2.0 for quick shifting, 0-100km can be achieved in under 1.70 seconds, with a NHRA (National Hot Rod association)-certified quarter mile time of 8.91 seconds achieved at a speed of over 243kph, which is quicker and faster than many hypercars around the globe, while launching this hard the Demon 170 produces over 2Gs which is the highest amount of G-force that you will ever experience in a road legal production car while launching.

Being this quick on a drag strip, NHRA rules say that the Dodge Demon 170 being a sub-nine-second quarter-mile drag behemoth, has to be equipped with a parachute and a safety cage or else it will be banned from the strip, so Dodge Demon has a dedicated factory fitted mount for the parachute with the parachute behind the rear licence plate, so while going berserk with this behemoth, you don’t want to buy an aftermarket parachute or the mount, you only have to be prepared to experience the unreal.

You need proper drag tyres to grip this amount of power, so dodge went for 315/50R17 Mickey Thompson ET Street R drag radials at the rear and Mickey Thompson 245/55R18 ET Street on the front, ET Street Rs on the rear are specially developed for the Demon 170 and they have never been seen before on any production car before, but these tyres will not work in cold and rainy weathers, so Dodge will provide optional wheel and tyre package to their customers when the drag tyres are not in use.

No changes done to the interiors compared to the last Demon, but like the original Demon you can remove the front passenger and rear seats to save weight, while you are getting ready to achieve sub-nine-second quarter-mile drag time. And to shed more weight from the Demon 170, Dodge offers optional $11,000 (9,05,012 INR) lightweight wheels with aluminium centres and carbon fibre rims, Dodge has also shaved off the front fender flares to make the Demon 170 7.7 kgs lighter.

Dodge will only produce 3,300 Demon 170s, 300 for Canada and the rest of the 3000 units will be sold in the North American market each will be priced at $96,666 (79,48,879 INR) before taxes, which makes it the quickest and the fastest road legal production car under in the world under $1,00,000. Dodge will start the production of the Demon 170 in July 2023.

Talking about the 6.2 Supercharged Hemi V8, it was first introduced with the Challenger SRT Hellcat in 2016, at that time it was able to put out 707hp which was already an unbelievable number back in 2016, seeing it now after 8 years, generating an earth-shattering 1,025ps with the same Challenger bodyshell with some changes here and there, makes it one of the most potent muscle car engine in the history.

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