Harmonixx Tuning’s Stage 2 BMW M4 Competition: Pushing Boundaries

We have extensively covered the BMW B58 engine, discussing all the potential tuning options available. The M340i has demonstrated that the engine possesses some hidden power, which can be extracted through upgraded turbos. However, for those who seek to attain even more impressive performance numbers, BMW offers an alternative option that is currently available on the market. We are referring to the BMW S58 engine, which has demonstrated remarkable potential and is present under the hood of the G82 BMW M4 Competition. We had the privilege of driving a tuned BMW M4 and we will elaborate on why this exceptional engine warrants your serious consideration for achieving peak performance.

The hype is all about the 3.0 Litre Twin Turbo Inline 6 which is at the heart of the M4 so let’s start talking about the true potential of the powerhouse. In stock form, it produces 503hp and 650 Nm of torque. It comes with BMW’s M xDrive AWD system which allows you to lock the rear axle and become a hooligan! Not to mention, it can send all of the power to the wheels via an 8-speed ZF Torque Converter transmission. Impressive to say the least. However, this particular car is tuned to stage 2 thanks to Harmonix tuning, it now comes with MST intakes, Catback Akrapovic Exhaust, BM3 Stage 2 Tune as well as 2 Akrapovic Downpipes which produces 587hp and this is the power without proper cooling. With a custom tune and proper cooling, the sky is the limit with this motor.

The front grilles of the G82 generation of M3 and M4s may initially remind some people of the Angry Birds Pig Noses, but one shouldn’t let the styling deter them from recognizing the impressive capabilities of the M4. While the design has taken some time to grow on people, it’s worth noting that many companies offer different designs to improve the front look. Additionally, several details on the M4 make it stand out, such as the aerodynamically shaped indentations on the front hood, Carbon Fibre Roof, Rear Spoiler, Quad Exhaust Tips, and rear diffuser. All of these elements come together to create a meaner and more aggressive look for the M4, which it pulls off with impressive style.

The interior of the M4 has some similarities to other G chassis cars, such as the M340i, and other 3 series cars, but with a closer look, you can easily spot the enhancements. The steering wheel is beautifully designed with different paddles and red rubber to enhance grip. The M1 and M2 modes allow for a unique driving experience, providing a plush ride while also allowing the driver to switch to RWD mode and other options. The veneers are finished in carbon fibre, and M-coloured stitching is present throughout the car to make the M4 stand out compared to other cars in the lineup, especially the “half-M” cars. Overall, the M4’s interior is a comfortable and enjoyable place to be, thanks to the iDrive 8 infotainment system and Harmon Kardon Speakers. One unique feature of the M4 is that the M4 logo on the seats is illuminated, which looks cool at night!

From the moment we latched the M-colored seat belts and turned on the Stage 2 engine, I knew this car was going to be a beast. The sound may not have been the loudest, but the driving experience was unparalleled. BMW has always been known for creating the ultimate driving machine, and this car proved that once again. The acceleration was sensational, and the car handled like a dream. It hugged the corners with ease, and the way it pulled was simply out of this world. Our cameraman was left speechless and couldn’t stop giggling like a kid. And when you revved the akraprovic exhaust to its upper limit, it produced a raspy, exhilarating sound that left everyone around us in awe. The Twin Turbo engine had virtually no lag, and the transmission was surprisingly responsive for a torque converter. The grip and control that the M4 produces are truly outstanding and class-leading. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that has solidified my love for BMWs. This car proved once again that BMWs are the ultimate driving machine. If you ever get the chance to ride in one, don’t hesitate – it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Upon examining the tuning map, it is evident that the M4 produces lower peak horsepower with a Stage 1 remap of 98 RON. This disparity, owing to the higher altitude of Bengaluru, is approximately 35hp. Furthermore, it should be noted that Harmonix is utilizing Off-The-Shelf Maps, leaving ample room for power enhancement. Currently, the M4 boasts CSF Cooling upgrades, with a downpipe being the next step towards achieving the 600hp category with ease. Its quarter-mile timing stands at 10.92 seconds, but with meticulous fine-tuning and a custom remap, a sub-10 second quarter-mile timing is well within the tuner’s reach, even with stock turbos. While this may seem like a lofty goal, it is achievable with the S58’s potency and a tuner of Harmonix’s caliber.

The S58 engine is an absolute gem and one of the best things to hit the automotive world in recent times. With a few tweaks, this engine can easily do sub-11-second quarter-mile runs, anytime and anywhere. Tuners overseas are singing its praises and are even calling it the modern-day 2JZ. While we won’t inundate you with technical details, we’ll just say that the S58 is built to handle more boost, has chunky turbos and a potent fuel system that can produce over 700+whp! And the best part? The S58 engine has the potential to shake things up in the ever-growing tuner market in India. So keep your eyes peeled because the future of car tuning is looking pretty exciting!

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