This vRS Costs Rs.24 Lakh…….In Mods Alone!

The Skoda Octavia vRS 245 is a performance-oriented gem on its own, but when equipped with a carefully selected set of modifications, it transforms into a roaring beast that excites the senses. Here's a review of an upgraded one with an impressive list of mods.

It was originally in 2004 that Skoda introduced the vRS version of the Octavia, powered by a 1.8L turbo-petrol engine. That car was legendary, had no real competition & the performance & dynamics were exemplary for its time. It was the car that started the vRS fan following in India. A 2nd-gen vRS was also introduced later based on the ‘Laura’ (try saying that with a straight face), but it simply didn’t have the following of the original; it was too ‘soft’ (pun intended) in comparison to the 1st-gen.

Then in 2017, Skoda introduced the sporty 3rd-gen in India dubbed the RS 230 with a mouth-watering price tag of Rs 24.62 lakh. Due to its explosive performance & value proposition, this limited-run sporty sedan sold out like hotcakes. In 2020, Skoda reintroduced a more powerful version in India known as the RS 245 & this fully imported version’s price was set at Rs 35.99 lakh, a full Rs. 11 lakh higher than before.

Like the 230, this one uses VW Group’s EA888 1,984cc direct & indirect-injection (8 injector) 4-cylinder turbo-petrol engine, which now makes 245hp (+15) & 370 N-m (+20) of torque; due to a revised camshaft, some software upgrades, a new turbocharger & some other engine components. Another major change was the old DQ250 6-speed DCT being replaced by the newer 7-cog DQ381, as seen on Skoda-VW’s newest offerings.

What helps put down its power is the new limited-slip differential, what Skoda calls an ‘electronically controlled front axle inter-wheel lock (VAQ-Vorderachsquersperre)’; compared to the 230’s electronic differential lock, which worked in sync with the electronic stability program to cut power to the front wheel that was losing traction, the 245 can transfer up to 100% of the power to the front wheel with greater traction & direction changes feel a lot more confidence-inspiring now. It also has a 30mm wider rear track as compared to the 230.

Now that we know the basics of what makes an Octavia a ‘vRS’ & what differentiates the 245 from the 230, it’s now time to get down to business & talk about this peculiar one showcased here; don’t just be taken by its bright ‘Corrida’ red sizzling hot colour, it’s even spicier on the insides. This particular example is a vRS ‘245’ only for namesakes, in reality it makes almost double that. Oh yeah, another thing; it has also been converted to AWD. So, let’s delve right into it.

List of performance modifications done:

  1. OEM Haldex AWD Conversion: One of the most significant upgrades to this vRS is the addition of an All Wheel Drive system which ensures that the increased horsepower is effectively translated into traction on the road, even under tricky situations. The system offers dynamic torque distribution, improving stability & handling, especially during acceleration.
  2. Stage 3 ECU & TCU Tune from Venom Performance: The heart of the transformation lies here. These upgrades optimize engine & transmission parameters, maximizing power & torque delivery. The result is a significant boost in performance.
  3. Garrett Powermaxx GS1 Turbo: Ensures increased airflow & quicker spooling. This modification contributes to the impressive power output, delivering exhilarating acceleration & top-end performance.
  4. Racingline R600 Performance Intake System: It enables the engine to breathe more freely, therefore allowing for increased airflow & improved efficiency.
  5. AMS Turbo Muffler Delete: By removing the turbo muffler, exhaust gases can exit the system more efficiently, contributing to better turbo performance.
  6. Denso Upgraded Spark Plugs: They enhance combustion, promoting more efficient fuel ignition, smoother power delivery & better overall engine responsiveness.
  7. Integrated Engineering V2 Intercooler: Keeps the intake air temperature in check, preventing power loss due to heat soak & ensuring consistent performance.
  8. Milltek Decat Downpipe: It eliminates the restrictive catalytic converter, reducing exhaust backpressure & allowing the engine to breathe more freely.
  9. Remus Valvetronic Catback System Exhaust: The valvetronic system gives control to the owner/driver/user over the exhaust valves, by either keeping them open (loud) or closed (quiet). It also improves the exhaust flow for maximum power gains.
  10. VW Golf R Resonator: Not only does it enhance the auditory experience, but it also improves the exhaust gas flow for maximum power gains.
  11. Racingline Carbon Fibre K Rear Body Brace: This upgrade adds structural & chassis rigidity, reduces the body flex & contributes to a more responsive & engaging driving experience.
  12. Euro-spec springs: The car has been lowered by about 10-12mm thanks to these, improving how it handles, the aerodynamics & providing a more aggressive stance, contributing to reduced body roll in the corners.
  13. 18″ OZ Formula HLT Rims and 235/40-18 Michelin PS4 Tyres: The 18″ OZ Formula HLT rims not only enhance the visual appeal but they also reduce the unsprung weight, which contribute to better handling & paired with the Pilot Sport 4 tyres means it maintains exceptional grip, providing confidence in various driving conditions.

So, what’s the end result of all these upgrades you may ask?

  • A whopping 425 HP
  • Massive torque number of 580 N-m
  • 0-100 km/h in just 4.59 seconds!
  • And a mind-boggling 1/4 mile time of 12.1 seconds!

On this meticulously upgraded vRS 245 with its extensive list of performance modifications from the powertrain components to the AWD conversion, here everything serves a purpose in creating a high-performance sedan that commands your attention. It’s a testament to the potential hidden within seemingly unassuming family cars. Every aspect of this build showcases the dedication & expertise of the team at Mechanix Automotive.

Many thanks & my gratitude to the owner of this scarlet beauty – Mr. Bijo Joseph, who had been extremely cooperative & responsive to all my queries since the beginning & provided me with a lot of necessary information with regard to all the modifications done to his prized possession that he has lovingly christened as ‘Red Sabre’.

Also a shout-out & special mention to Mr. Aniruddh Joardar, Mr. Sushant Walki & Mr. Nikhil Patil; these people were the major driving forces & the main masterminds behind this smashing build & the ones that made it become a reality.

Image Credits: Manish Shinde

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