These BMW B58 Builds Produce Maddening Stats Which You NEED To Check Out!

The BMW B58 motor has become a serious contender in the eyes of Indian Tuners and Car Buyers wanting to have more performance added to their lives. This article delves into what can be the limit for the cylinder engine and how this is just the beginning!

BMW has become the new king of tuning in the Indian Car Market with their B58 engine. It has become an engine which, after getting some modifications and improvements, really complemented the cars with all the added performance. We have been able to witness the capabilities of this engine with our Project M340i which is pushing well over 500hp! But we are just scratching the surface. The truth is that there are a lot more aggressive tunes and builds in the world and here are the ones which caught our attention.

We are going to talk about the BMW M340i which broke the B58 record for the fastest ¼ Mile time. It is important to note that the people who produce these builds don’t share all the information but what we do know is that the motor is built by Visconti Tuning. It is a 3.2-litre stroked engine and has all the necessary upgrades important to make it as fast as possible in the most reliable fashion. It is safe to assume that it has built heads and cams to protect the engine and make the most power. It is powered by a Titan Top Mount Turbo Kit with a precision 870 turbo. This setup is utilized by many fast A90 Supras as well and it is a proven setup to make the most out of the B58.

The transmission needed to be beefed up and this M340i has a Pure Drivetrain Solutions Transmission so that it can channel the power of the engine to the dragstrip. This M340i was also fitted with a CSF Prototype Intake Manifold. It appears that has a much bigger core compared to the production version. Most probably, the big outlets are there to channel the coolant to the engine at a greater rate as it is chasing blistering speeds. The test runs shared by the owner highlight the capabilities of the engine as it did a pull of 60-130mph in 4.18 seconds and 100-150mph in 4.27 seconds. Over the TX2K weekend, this M340i ran a quarter-mile time of 8.8 seconds at 162 mph! There were more data points, courtesy of Draggy, which highlight things such as 0-60mph in just 2.21 seconds. The most important aspect of this is that this 4 door sedan was running with the Supras all weekend long which goes to show that the potential to push the BMW M340i is Insane!

An interesting aspect of the BMW B58 motor is that it shares that motor with a Japanese-built sportscar. The Toyota Supra is used extensively for drag runs because it provides the buyers with a capable platform to extract the most performance without logging the weight of a 4-door sedan. The fastest MK5 Supra is owned by Mikey Botti who ran the 8-second quarter mile at TX2K and ultimately won the battle against the M340i! However, now with more mods and improvements it did a Quarter Mile in just 7.7 seconds!

This Supra was built by Ghassan Automotive and it also has the stroked 3.2 Litre engine. The rumours say this engine makes 1200hp! It also comes with a Precision 7275 Gen 2 which allows for massive power at 50 psi of boost. With only this, the car was already running 8.23 but with a Stage 3 Pure Drivetrain Solutions Transmission, it did it in 7.9 seconds! With a more aggressive Downpipe and Tune (as if the previous tunes weren’t aggressive enough), it now allows for the car to produce maddening drag times!

Over the years, tuners have found crazier ways of going fast and the BMW B58 motor is a witness to a new generation of tuners pushing the boundaries. It is just a matter of time before the times of high 7s would mean nothing because the more development and the hunger to go faster would increase, the faster the charm of these records would fade. But as someone has said, records are meant to be broken and these two builds in particular caught our attention. It is because these tuners inspire other tuners and buyers to go chase the extra mile and make their cars even faster.

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