This Audi RS6 GT3 Is A Showstopper Station Wagon Racecar

In recent times, a lot of people have opened up to the idea of rebuilding salvaged supercars because in their hypothetical scenario, it is perfectly possible as the buying price is significantly lower for these types of cars but the owners lack risk assessment and end up realizing that they bit more than they could’ve chewed. However, unlike the cautionary tales today, we would like to share a story which saw an Audi RS6 rebuilt and with the motive of coming to SEMA and it did so with the help of none other than Mat Armstrong.

Mat is a popular YouTuber who always wanted the famous station wagon but always stayed away from them as they were simply too expensive. However, when this particular RS6 came up on an auction, it was simply the match made in heaven. On the surface of it, the front end was damaged but the car did start with a Christmas Tree of warning lights nonetheless. An interesting thing was that this RS6 was already fitted with performance mods like K&N Air Filter, as well as a Motec Exhaust which was a bonus considering they paid $25,000 for it.
A deep history search showed that the RS6 was a giveaway vehicle which was sold very early in its lifetime at which point the new owner crashed it. With 36,000 miles on the odometer and no unreported damages, this build was looking promising. All it took was $7,000 for a new front end which was mistakenly a pre-facelift version but it proved essential to save time. Later a new set of doors and wheels along with various small pieces were bought to make the RS6 as it was before it got into an accident. After various fabrication and bodywork was done, Mat wrapped the RS6 in a subdued shade of grey.

But this was only enough for the RS6 to become an RS6. To make it a SEMA show car, it needed oomph and Mat found the best way to do it. He planned to put a GT3 DTM kit on the RS6 to make it a one-of-a-kind. It did prove to be a challenge to put this body on the RS6. A lot of fitment issues later the gaps started to eliminate and after cutting the rear quarters to make way for 22-inch alloys and newly widened fenders, the RS6 GT3 started to take a unique silhouette of its own. Now the details were left which were taken care of thanks to carbon mirror caps, changing the oil, adding dark badges to give it the gangster look along with 22-inch alloy wheels and wider rubber.

The result was an Audi RS6 GT3 which looked splendid in the SEMA show this year. More than that, it fulfilled the dream of one of the most talented people we know on the internet who can truly enjoy this one-of-a-kind, German Station Wagon. It goes without mentioning that this build needed a lot of luck to succeed but with that, it shows that hard tasks are not impossible and gives us the hope that in the future more people do it but with proper risk assessment in mind and not just for clout as was shown by one of the best sources for automotive restoration.

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