This Mclaren 720S Emerged As The New King In The Long List Of Tuned Supercars

The world of supercars is not at all alien to tuners and heavily modified builds and the perfect place for that seemed the SEMA show in 2023. But one of the cars which caught everyone’s attention was the Mclaren 720S built by popular YouTuber Alex Choi and appropriately named the “McDaddy 720LM”. As the McLaren bestowed its presence upon us, let us have a closer look at this machine!

Before we get into all the things that make this a flame-throwing madman’s build, we need to talk about the aesthetics as one of the main highlights of this 720S. This 720s isn’t new to design iterations as it was previously known as the Mcdaddy V1 when it was getting built but this iteration may be the craziest as it draws design queues from the cars that run on the most famous endurance race in the world, Le Mans Prototypes hence the name “720LM”
The aesthetics were conceptualised with Karan Adini before becoming a reality with the help of Battle Aero which handled the fabrication. The colour which you see is one of Inozetek’s Satin Aluminium Wrap along with PPF to protect it. The rim choice is also made keeping aerodynamics in mind with Rotiform ROCs and Rotiform AeroDisk rims at the rear and front respectively. For gripping the surface in a high-powered rear-wheel drive car, Bridgestone Tires are used to get perfect launches rather than tire shredding at every point.

Enough about the show, let’s talk about the go as well. The Pure Turbo setup has proven to be working very well, producing 1200hp in some cars without any hiccups whatsoever. Whilst exact details remain unclear, the likes of Gintani, VF Engineering, as well as Underground Racing, provide tunes and Turbos which can propel the 720s to godly numbers and speeds. To support the additional power, Intelliaero has added active aero parts as well. The crème de la crème aspect of this Mclaren is the top exit exhausts. Mclaren only did this design on the 600LT and Senna as it is an expensive affair, especially with picnic tables these cars need to keep the whole body glued to the ground! This exhaust design has been replicated and it winds its way away from the two wings this LM has got. Effectively if you look at this car from the rear, you’ll have an extreme level of disregard for the Longtail Lineup of Mclaren as nothing compares to the drama which is there to view. Of course, an immediate advantage of these top-mounted exhausts is that you can listen to them better than normal exhausts and as they are titanium they also shoot flames which you can watch with your rearview mirror. Alternatively, you can also heat marshmallows on top of them adding to the practicality of the vehicle although we suggest, that you might want to recheck your fuel gauge as Mclaren’s exhausts directly splash fuel to give them a unique sound which could prove to burn a huge whole in your wallet.

There are so many details such as the canards as well as the more aggressive stylistic diffuser added to better the show of this McLaren that we would need to spend hours describing all of them. The sum for this build was surely eye-watering but at the end of the day, the owner gets to have all the bragging rights about this one and SEMA is the perfect showcase as it provides a platform for future Mclaren owners to do something similar.

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