This Stage 2+ Audi S4 Is The Coolest Daily Driver For Under 30 Lakhs!

A luxury performance sedan is the ultimate dream for many car enthusiasts, whether they’re young or old. It’s the perfect car for families who can’t afford a 2-door sports car, or for those who already have a sports car and need a daily driver that’s comfortable yet powerful. The BMW M340i or Mercedes A35 AMG are popular choices for such enthusiasts, but they can be quite expensive, exceeding Rs. 60 lakhs on the road. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you might want to check out this Audi S4. Let us take a closer look.

In this discussion, we will be focusing on the B8.5 generation of the Audi S4, which is known for its impressive performance and understated appearance. The car features a typical Audi style with a sleek silhouette. However, this particular S4 has undergone some modifications such as an RS6 style Front Bumper and Grille Upgrade and 18-inch JR SL501 wheels which give it a more aggressive look. Even after these modifications (and the RS style silver mirror caps), it may still be difficult to distinguish it from an A4.

Under the hood of this car, you’ll find a 3.0 litre TFSI supercharged V6 engine paired with a 7-speed Tiptronic transmission. The stock version of this engine produces 333 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque, which is not bad at all. While it may not be a V8 like some of the RS models, this engine is more fuel-efficient. However, if you’re looking for more power, you’ll be happy to know that this particular S4 has been tuned to Stage 2+ and can produce up to 516 horsepower. Additionally, unlike the similarly priced Skoda Octavia VRS, the S4 is an all-wheel drive car, which means you can fully utilize all that power.

The list of mechanical mods for the S4 is extensive and intricate. It’s worth noting that although these mods can be expensive, the S4 platform is capable of handling them and allowing you to extract maximum performance from the supercharged engine. This particular S4 has been upgraded with several mechanical mods, including a Stage 2+ Pulley with Throttle Body, Cold Air Intake and a high pressure fuel pump from Integrated Engineering, ECS Intercooler, APR Coil Packs, VDNA Cat Delete, and a Stage 3 Clutch Plate Upgrade, resulting in an impressive output of 516hp!

It is worth noting that when you build an extremely powerful engine, you need to make a lot of improvements to other components to ensure they can handle the increased power. This is important so that you don’t end up being fast in a straight line but all over the place in the corners. Fortunately, the owner of this S4 has made these improvements, which include the ECS Strut Brace, Zimmerman Rotors, Hawk Brakes, 034 Dynamic+ Lowering Springs, Motor Mounts, and Bilstein B6 Shocks to improve the suspension feedback. In addition, there are countless other intricacies such as the ECS Diffuser, Billet Tunnel Brace, Transmission Street Shield, Front Street Shield, and Tunnel Street Shield. You can find a more comprehensive list of these improvements on TDH Classifieds, where you can purchase this S4 for Rs. 27.5 Lakhs!

Keep in mind that no car is perfect, and while the Audi S4 has a great supercharger whine and a smooth, usable power band, there are some potential issues you should be aware of. The Audi S4 is a performance car that requires proper maintenance, but unfortunately, some buyers may not have known how to maintain it, leading to mechanical troubles. Coolant leaks are common and usually occur near the water pump, thermostat, and coolant hoses near the intake, due to aging or infrequent use of the car. The intercooler in the S4 may also leak, but it’s a relatively cheap fix by Audi standards. The front damper pulley helps reduce vibration and provides a smoother driving experience. The pulley uses rubber to deaden vibrations, but over time, this rubber will wear out and make the engine run less smoothly. There are also other issues to keep in mind, but the DSG and clutch failures may be the most significant problems, considering that Audi S4 is a performance car and sourcing parts can be expensive.

If you’re looking for a practical and high-performance sedan in the budget of 20-30 Lakhs, the Audi S4 is worth considering. The S4, in particular, has a unique engine that sets it apart from the M340i and A35 AMG. Although the interiors of the M340i and A35 AMG are more technologically advanced, the S4 is half the cost. While the S4 may require some maintenance, if you’re passionate about making it work, it will give you an unrivaled driving experience compared to all the modern turbocharged alternatives.

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