This BMW M2 Has Been Transformed Into A Racecar!

The BMW M2 is considered as one of the finest sports cars available today. It retains the classic characteristics of a sports car, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts. The M2 is one of the BMW models that has a lot in common with the old BMW M cars, but with a more affordable price and without the added weight. Today, we will be discussing a masterpiece that offers even more power and less weight, effectively turning it into a racecar!

This BMW M2 comes courtesy of Imran Majid who has a colourful history of owning crazy cars and this is one of them might even be the craziest, especially after what it stands for in the grand scheme of things. Genuinely, the way the car is built you will feel it was made by someone like AC Schnitzer or Dinan but the fact of the matter is that the car is built by a very enthusiastic owner who has a car which can rival a Porsche GT3.

The following is a detailed list of modifications made to a car during the first year of ownership. In 2022, the car received various visual upgrades such as the GT4 Carbon Wing picnic table, which is perfect for BIC or MMRT Hot Laps. For the hot laps, the car’s stock suspension wouldn’t suffice, so suspension improvements were made with Front Billet Control Arms, Billet High Wing Mounts, and Carbon End Plates with Carbon Splitter Extension. These enhancements give the M2 a carbon fiber wash, accentuating the vehicle’s racecar aesthetics.

Regarding performance upgrades, the car received a M Performance Splitter to aid downforce. However, the real magic happened under the hood, where the car received the Pure Turbo Upgrade with the help of Utku Tune, which made 600hp! To fully appreciate the horsepower, the owner added Akrapovic Downpipes.

To further enhance the racecar aesthetics, a custom widebody kit was also added to improve the vehicle’s stance, as well as a full welded cage to improve chassis stiffness. The wheels were modified with spacers to fit the widebody kit. The carbon fiber theme continued with the addition of carbon fiber side winglets, roof fin, and a Trunk Spoiler which added to the beauty and attention to detail of this road-legal racecar. On the inside, an AK Motion Display was added to keep track of the car’s performance.

In the following year, the car was painted AM China Grey, which gave it a stunning look, especially when paired with the Kikshift logo on the bonnet. The interior was revamped with a dark blue theme and the addition of carbon fibre. New SM10 Apex Wheels were installed to match the widebody kit, and a Noelle Performance Carbon Fibre roof was added to reduce weight.

AP Racing Brakes were installed to enhance stopping performance and handle the 600+ horsepower engine. Miscellaneous expenses like Lugs, Valves, and Rear Reflector were also taken care of. An AGI Roll Cage was added to improve the car’s chassis while retaining a comfortable sliding experience for an average-height person. As most of the interior was stripped, a new lining of Alcantara was required for the rear seat. The car’s tech was updated with an iDrive upgrade to integrate it with modern times. To ensure safety, the new bucket seats were fitted with OMP Seat Harnesses. The M2 also received CSF Cooling to prevent overheating. The steering wheel was replaced with a KW Competition GT3 Racecar Wheel Replica. Carbon Fibre Canards were also added to improve airflow and aid in keeping the car grounded.

The latest modifications made to the German car include changes to the trunk, struts, doors, and other body parts. All of these have been replaced with carbon fiber, which has helped reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. The brake cooling system has also been improved to prevent brake failures on hot days. In addition, a full titanium exhaust has been installed, giving the car a unique sound similar to M4 GTS. The front splitter and arms have been added to give the finishing touches to the car. An M Track Steering Wheel has been installed as well, making the car even better.

This is one of the most extensive track builds in India, with special attention given to every detail. Although some may consider it overspending, the owner believes that it is worth it. If you see this car in person, you will be able to appreciate all of the work that has been put into it. The owner intends to drive this car frequently, rather than keeping it stored in a garage. It was built with passion and with the use of all available resources, to make the best out of the situation.

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