Yamaha RX-100: A Modern Classic Relaunch we can’t wait for….. But we Have To!

We all remember the classic bikes of the 1990s. One of the most iconic bikes of that generation is Yamaha RX100. It brought the innovative 2-stroke engine which also gave good fuel economy as well as an eargasmic sound! That was the bike which defined the era from 1985 to 1996. Every protagonist in the movies used to have a RX100 and its styling has made it a cult classic. Today a decent example will sell for more than Rs. 1 lakh. So with such strong goodwill, Yamaha has confirmed to relaunch the 2-stroke icon.

Before we get into the details, let’s understand where the new Yamaha RX100 would fit. Ideally, it would be called a RX100 as they want that iconic Moniker to be in the Yamaha Lineup. It would be a modern retro like the cb350 highness or Classic 350 Bullet.

Possibly it will be a better version of the R15. But there are engines in Yamaha Range which are available from 150cc to 300cc. At this point, it is confirmed that it would not be a 2 stroke engine as it couldn’t comply with BS6/7 regulations.

In terms of what other things it may have, judging by various models such as Yamaha YZ-S as well as R15 it can launch with Upside Down Forks Suspension, various driving modes which will alter the acceleration characteristics. The chassis may also come with a perimeter frame chassis which will help reduce the weight as well as handle a lot better.

The former 2 stroke icon’s super Saiyan relaunch may also have a good amount of torque. The possibility of an RX135 and RD model is also there. Drawing a comparison to the 1980s icon is also important here as the rx100 was famously known for its bucket loads of torque available in the top rev range and the rx135 and RD models were known for their top speed. We think this may be the difference in the relaunched versions too but don’t think even for a second that it will be a big difference. Only when you are searching for ten-tenths is when you will probably notice it.

What will also include is a 6-speed gearbox. Gone will be the 5-speed manual in turn for a slick-shifting which will only help in giving a cruiser vibe. But what will probably not happen is a 2 stroke engine. It is an engine which does have a good sound and you can launch in 2nd gear but it is sadly not compatible with the latest emission regulations. It was an engine banned in 2005 but we think it will be a worthy competitor to all the modern classic bikes on sale today. It is a sector which is being ruled by Royal Enfields, Yezdi as well as Jawa motorcycles and very recently also Honda CB300 Highness. With an iconic name and a cult following RX100, it is more than a glaring possibility that it may be a huge hit. What also may not be possible is a near-recent launch. It is predicted it will launch in 2026. This is also because Yamaha has said all its Indian Bike launches are lined up until 2025. This also gives them a good time to think and take a methodical approach and carefully alter a good set of features like cruise control and Digital Gauge Cluster probably housed in traditional round silver gauges. Let’s watch the space for 3 more years as we see an icon re-introduced and probably universally loved just like the original.  

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