Lamborghini Revuelto: A Sensational Turnaround Towards The Sustainable Future

The Lamborghini Revuelto is the successor of the Aventador, powered by a new 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 redlines @9500rpm combined with a 3.8kWh battery that powers 3 electric motors, has a total output of 1001hp, which makes it the most powerful Lamborghini in the history with 13 different driving modes to choose from.

Last year Lamborghini put a cap on the 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 with the Aventador Ultimae, we enthusiasts got emotional and thought that this is it, no bigger Lamborghini V12s in the future. But Lamborghini had kept a really big secret from us enthusiasts and they finally revealed it, entitled the Revuelto, the Aventador’s successor, obviously named after a Spanish fighting bull like other predecessors, but in Spanish Revuelto also means scrambled eggs.

The Revuelto is the first ever Lamborghini with the PHEV powertrain, where the re-tuned 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 is now combined with 3 electric motors, 2 at the front fitted on the e-axel with torque vectoring and the other one is integrated with the new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission powered by a 3.8kWh battery at the rear, now that is what fun looks like by keeping the sustainable future quotient in mind.

Lamborghini has achieved what they call optimal weight distribution in the Revuelto with 44% weight at the front and 56% at the rear, anti-roll bars that are stiffer by 11% at the front and 50% at the rear with 4-wheel steering, which Lamborghini claims that “it will make the Revuelto effective both on the road and in the curves of a circuit”. Lamborghini has also increased the torsional rigidity by 25% as compared to the Aventador and has also reduced the steering ratio by 10%, which has been successfully fitted and tested with the Huracan STO for the first time. Also, the chassis of the Revuelto is 10% lighter than the predecessor.

Talking about the breathtaking exterior design of the Revuelto, Lamborghini has used the “Y” theme everywhere, Y shaped DRLs that split the headlights and those 2 violent, huge air intakes up front, the sharp line on the door getting indulged into the sharp air intakes ahead of the rear wheel arch, “Y and Y” shaped taillights. The scissor doors are carried forward from the Aventador, which I think is must in a flagship Lamborghini. The design of the Revuelto is also inspired from the modern aerospace elements and it clearly shows how this sharp shape is designed to produce 66% more downforce than its predecessor.

New 21” wheels in the front and 22” at the back, the rear air intakes are integrated with the flying buttresses at the back, which are shaped like an aggressive kink if seen from the side, the design also demonstrates the proportions of the Diablo and has a floating blade on the rear fender, now get ready to hop with more joy cause Lamborghini has kept the engine bay of the Revuelto exposed, which is the most extraordinary move from Lamborghini and the quad exhaust tailpipes are placed above the sharp, aggressive 6-slat diffuser below the automatic rear spoiler and between the taillights with the hexagonal coverings.

From inside the interior looks more modern and practical yet less aggressive than the Aventador. With regards to leather, Lamborghini has also used recyclable materials in the Revuelto’s interior, the overall layout has 3 screens, a new 12.3” instrument display for the diver, an 8.4” portrait infotainment screen in the middle and a separate thin 9.1” display for the co-passenger entitled as “co-pilot”, apart from that it has upgraded seats, on the centre console it gets 2 USB C ports with storage for your phone, start-stop button with the signature flip-up cover in the red, upgraded flat-bottom steering wheel with a new EV driving mode switch, button to adjust the rear wing manually, nose lift system and a red switch to choose Strada, Sport and Corsa and the new driving mode Città.

Talking about the power, this is the most powerful V12 Lamborghini ever created. It has a power output of 1001hp from a 6.5L V12 PHEV that redlines @9500rpm powering all four wheels via a new 8-speed DCT, where the power output from the engine will be 805+hp @9250rpm and 725Nm @6750rpm with no electric power on board, but as a PHEV Lamborghini Revuelto will be offered with not much but 13 different driving modes which includes Recharge, Hybrid and Performance debuting with the new hybrid system with Città, Strada, Sport and Corsa. In Strada the engine will put out 874hp, in Sport 894hp and in Corsa the full output of 1001hp with a 0-100km time of under 2.6 seconds, but in the new Città mode the Revuelto will only run on electric power of 177hp and will provide a range of a bit over 10kms, the battery can be charged after firing up the engine in just 6 minutes and Lamborghini Revuelto can reach a top speed of over 350 kph.

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Nishant Bharwani
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