The BTS of Filming 2-day Go-Karting event

Our magician behind the camera takes us through the work that goes behind each of our videos.

I’ve always been a person behind the camera filming and capturing memories. Being a part of the Driver’s Hub has been an insane journey so far and I’m loving filming all the vehicles that we have driven so far. And it’s not just all of the cars we film, the events we attend and organize, it’s always a fun but hectic process to film all of that.

But at events like “The Valley Run” we have an entire team of videographers and photographers all over the place to help with filming and capturing each and every moment so that you guys, the viewers, can basically attend the entire event by sitting at home if you couldn’t make it over there.

But one of the shoots that we had that I feel was the most tiring and hectic was the time when Soham and Bhavneet attended the Basics in Karting course by Rayo Racing at Pune Kartdrome. Though I had help on the second day from Dhaval Shrikhande, the first day was just me filming.

Now whenever we film a regular review, we have a script in place about what all needs to be talked about in the video about the car, the location of the shoot, what types of shots need to be taken and there is a particular video style that we have in mind and a shot list that we make so that the filming process gets a bit easier. The same isn’t about filming an event though. You can never predict what happens at an event and there isn’t much you can prepare other than just reaching there with a rough idea of what you want to do, and having all your batteries charged to a 100%. 

So we reached Pune Kartdrome and attended the morning briefing on what all the boys were going to learn that day and the following day. With the briefing done, we went out onto the track and we were about to start filming, but then it started raining, and it rained heavily. The problem was that none of our gear was waterproof, and me being the only one filming since Soham and Bhavneet were driving the whole day, I was running around in the rain, drenched in water, around the entire track filming each and every corner, trying to get all the angles. I myself was so exhausted at the end of the day with just a pizza in, that I could only imagine how tiring it was for Soham and Bhavneet to drive in the rain for around 100 laps the whole day. Filming the first day got very tiring. Soham who during a regular shoot also helps with filming gets a bit easy to complete a regular review. But with just me, I was all around the track. One second I was at the start line of the track, the next second I was at turn 3, before the karts reached turn 6, I was already there waiting to film and photograph them, and repeat.

Apart from all that, with all the equipment being quite literally, in my pockets, all of the cameras were completely wet and our main camera even froze for a minute and our gimbal too started acting up after a while. After such an intense day, did Soham and Bhavneet and neither did I have the power and strength to go back the next day and start filming day 2 of Basics in Karting.

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Shreshth Gourish
Shreshth Gourish

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