The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N: The Best Electric Enthusiast Car Ever?

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N is the first electric Hyundai to wear the 'N' badge, and is also the most powerful Hyundai to date which puts out 641hp and 770Nm of torque from an 84kWh battery connected to a dual motor setup with all wheel drive with rally inspired cornering, which makes it the perfect affordable performance EV all-rounder.

When for the first time we witnessed the Hyundai Ioniq 5, we fell in love with the retro-modern design, which made it look like an alien from outer space, and which looked nothing like an i10 or a Creta, got decent power output of over 300hp in AWD and 215hp in RWD from a 72.6kWh battery pack with a range between 418km to 488km on a single charge, made it the perfect formula of perfect daily driven city EV, until it got the N treatment. And From the Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2023, we got an electric bomb from the Hyundai Paddock in the form of the Ioniq 5 N, the first ever electric Hyundai to wear the ‘N’ badge, which will change the electric sports car game.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N is based on 3 N car elements, first is Corner Rascal, which means Hyundai has reinforced the body and chassis with 42 more welding points, which increases the torsional rigidity and adds direct steering feel with rally-inspired dual-motor AWD system, the second one is Racetrack Capability, which means it developed full power with N Grin Boost engaged and to increase the endurance, it is fitted with advance thermal management system, and the third and the most important one is Everyday Sportscar, which means, Hyundai has equipped it with N e-shift simulated gearbox, which acts as an 8-speed gearbox while actually being a single speed box and Hyundai has also fitted the Ioniq 5 N with N Active Sound + with 3 different artificial sounds, that will give the driver the exhaust sound experience of a 4-cylinder like an internal combustion N car.

Powering the Ioniq 5 n is an 84kWh battery, which puts out 641hp and 770Nm of peak torque while the e-motors are running at mind-bending 21,000rpm, all this power goes to all four wheels via a simulated single-speed gearbox, which can do 0-100 in 3.4 seconds, and all these figures make it the most powerful Hyundai to date. And currently, Hyundai hasn’t disclosed the official range of the Ioniq 5 N, but we can expect it to provide a little over 320kms on a single charge.

To give the Ioniq 5 N the N treatment in an aesthetic manner, it gets an N-style front bumper and splitter with air intakes, aggressive side skirts, sits on 21″ forged alloy wheels with brake disks on all 4 wheels coupled with N callipers, on the rear it gets a new bumper with a diffuser and some aero bits and with a sportier roof-mounted spoiler. All these updates with the N colourway make the Ioniq 5 N looks super sizzling.

The black upholstery with contrast blue stitching with ‘N’ badges all around, make the Ioniq 5 N look sportier from the inside as well, it gets sport bucket seats instead of comfort seats, with an updated N steering wheel, which features N Grin Boost button and 2 more N buttons to set the car according to the preference of the driver, and unlike the standard Ioniq 5 gets the movable centre console, the Ioniq 5 N gets a fixed one.

With the Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai is going to completely change the electric sports car game because not a single electric performance car can give you the cornering ability of the Ioniq 5 N, except the Porsche Taycan, but also costs more than the Ioniq 5 N, well Hyundai hasn’t revealed the official prices yet, but still, it is going to be way more affordable than a Taycan, and that will make the Ioniq 5 N the most affordable performance EV all-rounder.

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Nishant Bharwani
Nishant Bharwani

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