The Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder: A Theatric Experience

With the recent shift in the automotive industry towards a more sustainable future, manufacturers are now focused on reducing their company’s carbon footprint and also make cars that run on electricity or at least have a hybrid powertrain. That is also true with supercar manufacturers. About a month or so ago, Ferrari New Delhi had visited Pune and were generous enough to come to Glosswerks, a good friend of ours and showed us around the 296 GTB.

The 296 is Ferrari’s latest mid-engined supercar with a 2.9L Twin Turbo V6 and a hybrid system powering the rear wheels. Yes, it must be a fantastic supercar with tons of power, upwards of 800HP and has the latest and greatest tech from the Italian powerhouse but, the 296 lacked something. It lacked that special fizz, that drama, that attention that a supercar commands. No offence to Ferrari, they have created an absolute masterpiece but things just aren’t the same anymore. These big boy supercars just don’t have that pantomime anymore, that is except one brand.

Lamborghini. The ultimate posers car as some would say, but I think it is much more than that. Yes, the people who buy Lamborghinis, buy them as a status symbol something that shouts success but Lamborghinis are in this day and age some of the most exciting supercars on sale. I was lucky enough to see the 296 GTB, 720s, McLaren GT and the Huracan EVO all in a span of under 3 months so my thoughts were relatively fresh on all three brands.

How much ever I was in awe of the McLarens with their outrageous design and how I was admiring the Ferrari with its beautifully sculpted body, somehow, I was just weak in the knees when I saw the Huracan EVO Spyder. Yes, technically the Huracan is 10 years old now, but it still looks like nothing else on the road with its angry face, sharp and angular edges but it still has the elegance in it which I feel no brand has come close to. In terms of design, no one beats Lamborghini.

Yes, probably in terms of the performance, the cars from Woking and Maranello have the Huracan in a soup. The 296 with its futuristic 2.9L TT V6 and hybrid system and the McLaren with its 4.0L TT V8 that can keep up with a Bugatti. But nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing comes close to the Huracan and its 5.2L NA V10. I was lucky to have been thrown the keys to this red EVO Spyder and give it a couple of blips and OH MY GOD! HOW I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW LOUD & OBNOXIOUS THESE CARS SOUND! Yes, it was overwhelming but the tone, the pitch, it was just pure eargasms. You can keep your 0-100 times, top speed and all of that crazy turbo boost, when it comes to a supercar, it needs to sing and dance at the same time. The competition that the Huracan faces today can definitely dance but sing? They would be thrashed by Anu Malik if they even opened their mouth (exhaust, whatever).

The Huracan EVO is now going to be discontinued very soon. With the last hurrah being the STO and the Sterrato, the Huracan will soon be replaced. The successor of the Huracan probably won’t be as exciting as it because according to rumours, it will have a TT V8 along with some hybrid tech. Now, we are hoping that, that won’t be the case since the new Revuelto somehow retained the bonkers 6.5L NA V12, so technically the 5.2L NA V10 should be more eco-friendly, right? Anyways, yes, many top journalists have spoken ill about the Huracan saying that it understeers and feels like a big Audi. But over the years, there hasn’t been a supercar that has come close to the usability, performance, drama and sound that the Huracan makes. It will sign off as a true icon and will join other cars like the 458, Aventador, Carrera GT and many other legendary supercars in that hall of fame. But for me, there is only one thing left to do with the Huracan. to drive it!

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Soham Saraf
Soham Saraf

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