The New Tata Safari: The King Of The Urban Jungle

Although the name “Safari” suggests a rugged vehicle optimized for off-road adventures, Tata had other plans for their car. The new Safari is designed to conquer urban environments. With its recent revamp, we’ll be exploring whether the new Safari is worth buying.

The new Safari has a premium and sleek design. The front of the car has a hot foil tech grill, striking headlights and a DRL bar that stretches across the front of the bonnet. The side profile is well-proportioned, and it is difficult to tell that it is a seven-seater. The car is also available in a dual-tone color option, which enhances its sleekness. The rear of the car features new tail lights, a strip of lights that extends across the back, and a quirky addition of animals in the savanna on the rear windshield. The boot now has gesture control.

The new Safari comes with some exciting features such as a four-spoke steering wheel, a glossy black panel, and a backlit Tata logo. Its fully digital instrument cluster is customizable and displays a map view once you connect your phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The cluster also shows drive mode changes, terrain mode changes, and ADAS settings. The 12.3-inch touchscreen is highly responsive and supports wireless connectivity for both Apple and Android devices. The audio system has been upgraded from a 9-speaker system to 10 speakers, with a sub-woofer and 13 presets on the screen to choose from. The Safari also features individual modes for each seat. Moreover, the car comes with a 360-degree camera that is of high resolution and proves to be very useful for maneuvering the SUV.

The new Safari is equipped with the same 2.0-litre diesel engine as its predecessor, but it is now in BS6.2 form. The engine is capable of producing 170hp and 350Nm. According to Tata, the damping and refinement have been enhanced, but there is still a typical diesel clatter at idle that can be heard inside the cabin. The engine is powerful and has a broad torque range. The most noticeable power is felt in the mid-range, and the response is robust. The Safari is also comfortable at highway speeds. The driving modes alter the response of the vehicle, with Eco and City modes being more relaxed, and Sport mode providing a significant increase in response.

The Safari now comes with paddle shifters, but they are not very responsive. The shifts are slow and downshifts can be frustratingly delayed when the engine is revved up. The shift-by-wire shifter also requires the right technique. However, the new electric power steering (EPS) system is a significant upgrade and has fundamentally improved the way the Safari handles. The steering is light and easy to maneuver in Eco and City modes, making parking a breeze. In Sports mode, the steering weighs up to offer more feedback while driving. Three-point turns are now effortless, and getting out of tight spots is a breeze too.

The new Tata Safari is a fantastic MPV that can seat up to 7 passengers with ease. However, it has taken a step back in off-road capability as it is now only available in front-wheel-drive. Nevertheless, let’s be realistic – the majority of Safaris sold will be used as family cars in urban areas. In this regard, the Safari excels as a comfortable, luxurious and easy-to-drive car.

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Bhavneet Vaswani
Bhavneet Vaswani

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