This LIFTED Porsche Cayenne is A Perfect Example Of A Budget Offroader Under Rs.15 Lakhs!

The feeling of exploring the world is appealing to many and the best way to do it for car enthusiasts is buying a 4X4 and modifying it to go anywhere. For many, the obvious choice is a Toyota Fortuner as it is often the cheapest but its ladder frame chassis and other aspects make it an unappealing prospect for few buyers. For those few, they turn to a more upscale option like a Ford Endeavour but for those who want to get a sporty brand as well, they can buy an old Porsche Cayenne. Throughout this article, we will list why it makes sense to buy it and modify it. For reference, we had driven a Porsche Cayenne which was scratching the edge of a proper Overlander!

Styling is subjective and whilst the Cayenne isn’t the most beautiful SUV, it is the most functional and fits quite well into the Porsche design philosophy. To say the least, it looks like a Porsche SUV which was important at the time as Porsche was nearing financial difficulties and the bare minimum expected from the Cayenne was to be an extension of the brand, offering practicality to the aspirers of the makers of the 911. For the record, no, we aren’t talking about the orchestration of the attack on the Twin Towers.

This particular Cayenne S is fitted with the Eurovise 2-inch liftkit which adds to the menacing presence of the SUV. Porsche fitted the Cayenne with Air Suspension to aid driver comfort but in this case, it also adds to the capabilities offroad. The tires are BF Goodrich Noby tires which look cool and serve their purpose well. All in all, this Cayenne is prepped to take the Thar Desert in relative comfort which makes SUV shoppers put it on their radar.

If the styling doesn’t satisfy you, the engine definitely will. The Porsche Cayenne is powered by a 4.8 Litre Naturally Aspirated V8 which produces 385hp and 500 Nm of torque. This one is also fitted with a modified exhaust which amplifies the drama when you’re driving it. It can route its power to all 4 wheels via a 6-speed torque converter Tiptronic Transmission.

A V8 engine with all the Porsche characteristics is bound to make the buyers drool. But what’s all of this got to do with offroading? Well, that’s the best part. The first generation Cayenne is the only Cayenne which offers a 4 Low Setting for the transmission as well as a Centre Locking Differential. This recipe allows for treacherous terrain to be explored by efficient utilisation of power thanks to German engineering.

On the inside, the Porsche Cayenne starts to show its age but for the people who are into a modern classic interior, this will tempt them. It also looks like a raised 911 due to Porsche Design language from this era which included toggle switches to control the differential as well as transmission settings, and paddle shifters which are mounted on the steering wheel and make them look as if they’re buttons. Not to mention, an infotainment system which is ageing which also has a dialer so that you can dial the number. What is this, 2007 or something? Even if it may be an acquired taste, this Cayenne stacks pretty well compared to the same era’s G Wagon, X5 etc. and much better to any mainstream offroaders available in the Indian Car Market eg. Jimny, Endeavour, XUV500, Safari etc. The Multi Information Display is also modest displaying most of the information possible but, unlike the 911, it didn’t prioritise the Tachometer. This was because Porsche understood that the type who was going to buy the Cayenne wouldn’t be worried about shift points and things of that nature.

On the road, the Cayenne feels in its element. The ride is harsher as compared to more luxury-focused alternatives like Mercedes but it is good enough especially for the athletic handling it offers. It somehow manages to reduce the bulbous nature of the SUV with the help of Porsche Overdesigned Trickery or POT as I like to call it. You are bound to notice the exhaust note as the pickup will leave you wanting more. Offroad, thanks to the lift kit, it can handle the harshest terrain with relative ease. Whilst we didn’t get to test it to its full potential, it is safe to assume that the Cayenne can adapt itself into a proper overlander and still keep you in comfort. The combination of a modern classic interior mixed with the air suspension which massively helps to soften the ride gives you a very interesting combination which can be utilised for proper activities.

In terms of pricing, a Gen 1 Cayenne will cost you anywhere from 6-12 Lakhs and another 2 lakhs with all the mods done on this particular model. For under 15 lakhs, this isn’t a boring choice whatsoever but there are problems related to air suspension and electrical systems which may need to be looked at. Not to mention, the horrendous fuel economy of 4.5 Kmpl will haunt you in traffic. But if you’re able to compromise, the Porsche Cayenne is a very interesting option. It delivers comfort, sport and offroading capabilities unlike many brands and for a decent price.

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