Unveiling Citroën’s Luxury Oasis: La Maison Citroën Sets the Bar in Mumbai!

Step into the future of automotive luxury and convenience with Citroën’s newest jewel in Mumbai’s crown! Garnet Motors proudly presents La Maison Citroën, a cutting-edge dealership and workshop facility in the heart of Andheri West and Goregaon West. Led by industry pioneers Aditya Jairaj, Shishir Mishra, and Karnail Singh Cheema, this grand inauguration marks a new era of unparalleled service and sophistication for Citroën enthusiasts in the financial capital of Mumbai.

With a promise to redefine customer experience, Aditya Jairaj, Managing Director & CEO of Stellantis India, affirms Citroën’s commitment to excellence. “As our product portfolio flourishes, so does our dedication to our cherished clientele. We’re not just expanding our presence; we’re crafting a haven for automotive aficionados,” he declares, setting the tone for Citroën’s visionary Network Expansion Program (NEP) in 2024. Marvel at the sleek design and innovation of the new Andheri West dealership, spanning 2,500 sq. ft. and showcasing the epitome of French automotive craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. workshop in Goregaon West stands as a testament to Citroën’s unwavering dedication to quality service and maintenance.

This milestone comes hot on the heels of Citroën’s ambitious Network Expansion Program, aiming to establish 200 sales and service touchpoints nationwide by 2024. As Citroën paves the way for a brighter, more dynamic automotive future, one thing is certain: the journey begins here, in the vibrant streets of Mumbai.

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Bhavneet Vaswani
Bhavneet Vaswani

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