Why Skoda NEEDS To Launch The 2024 Octavia VRS In India

The Skoda Octavia VRS needs to launch in India as it stands as a beacon for tuners and bringing the updated model to the Indian Shores would make enthusiastic sense as well as financial sense for the brand


The Indian Tuner Market & the Skoda Octavia vRS have had an intimate relationship for a long while now. So when Skoda in their infinite wisdom decided not to sell the updated version of the VRS in India, it rubbed the enthusiasts the wrong way. So we will now discuss in this article about how launching the 2024 vRS here makes financial sense for Skoda VW group India & also get some vital information most people might be missing out on.


As you take 1 good overlooking glance at the facelift, you will notice little has been changed to the vRS sold in 2023. But for us here in India, the sleeker headlights & taillights will be a welcome improvement over the iterations sold in India from 2017-2021. For 2024 the front & rear grilles are more angular & larger as to give it an even more aggressive stance. It also now comes with a semi-automatic tow hook which you can either use to haul your weekend sportscar to the racetrack or go camping with your high-performance sleeper.


The facelift now also gets better interiors which are futuristic as compared to the vRS’s sold in India previously & incrementally better than the outgoing vRS models in Europe. It’s a mix of sporty Alcantara & contrasting red stitching with carbon fibre veneer which exudes a ‘boy racer’ vibe, but in a subtle manner. The sport seats are power-adjusted & come with diamond quilted red stitching which reminds us of the significantly more expensive RS3! Along with the digital instrument cluster, it now comes with a 13-inch Infotainment system with wireless Android Auto & Apple Carplay capability which nicely compliments the interior. The steering’s a more traditional 3 spoke design with leather perforations on the sides for improved grip. Overall, the interior makes the vRS look like the thinking man’s pocket rocket as compared to something all-out like the Civic Type R.

Daily Drivability

In terms of practicality it comes with the usual umbrella holders on both the front doors, which can also be optioned with things like a snowbrush so that you can take care of yourself as well as the car. Not to mention, rear sunshades & comfortable rear seats would make it an appealing prospect for young families.

Engine & Transmission

The main reason why you should take a look at the Octavia vRS is because of its powertrain & its fairly easy access to performance. It still retains the potent 2.0 Litre TSI engine but now comes with an additional 20hp, bumping up the figures to 265hp! It is operated via a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. It has an electronic limited slip differential too, allowing the car to put power to the ground better. The suspension has also been better tuned for sporty driving which might mean a compromise on overall comfort but the trade-off is improved cornering at speeds.


The vRS is also incredibly tunable thanks to support from APR & other global tuners. The last gen was aslo extremely tunable as everything from stage 2 tunes pushing 440hp to stage 3 tunes pushing upwards of 600hp were experimented with. Not to mention, the AWD swaps which were also done making this a great platform for owners & tuners to extract maximum performance with relative affordability.

Why It Makes Sense

A big reason why Skoda should launch the Octavia VRS is the proven track record of decent sales figures for their previous generations. The way the dealer network was positioned, with after-sales being expensive, people were going to not buy the VW/Skoda products. But, as the brand tried its best with new models & expanded the dealer network, things seem to be on the up for the Germans. Entering with the vRS in India would also mean relatively easy competition as most brands in and around the Rs.30-45 Lakh range are catering to the luxury market.

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