All About The Independence Day Meet At Mumbai!

This 15 August was just crazy! There were a ton of sports and tuned cars pouring in, and it was a true bliss to watch them. We also had Santosh from Horsepower Cartel and Aahan CNC Bombay with us at the meet. Over 100 cars at the event featuring mind-boggling cars such as the Ferrari F8 spider, Audi s5, two Porsche 911’s Nissan GTR, a bunch of m40is, and many more tasty cars pulled up. Now let’s talk about some cars which were bonkers at the event.

This absolute beauty is the BMW E93 M3 packing a V8 engine producing over 420 HP and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The car had a beautiful red paint that looks like the OG BMW paint, giving it a classic look. The BMW is also convertible which in my opinion just makes the car look very cool. The metallic finish on the wheels really complements the red color.

The Ferrari was the car that stood out in the crowd. It has a 3.9 L F154 CD twin-turbo V8 engine producing over 710 horses at and 770 Nm of torque. Even people who weren’t there for the meet also took pictures and stared at the car before leaving the lot. The F8 was quite the eye-catcher.

Another sweet-looking car at the lot was this Skoda Laura with a stage 2+ tune. The car has a rev limiter @4000rpm. The owner told us that many people remove the soft limiter and he didn’t because he advises not to remove it. The Laura’s exhaust had a sweet sound that was not too loud but at the same time very soothing to the ear.

Now who does not know about this Japanese beauty? Almost everybody is a fan of this drop-dead-looking state-of-the-art car the Nissan GT-R. And a maximum amount of spectators were revolving around the GTR because of its popping red color, which grabbed everybody’s attention. The Nissan GTR is powered by a 3.8 L twin-turbocharged VR38DETT V6 engine producing 523 HP and 607nm of torque. Not too sure if this one is tuned but if it is it might be producing a lot more.

This one in India Mustang Shelby Super Snake is quite rare and sexy looking. It has blue striping all over the car, giving it that macho look. The car has a Shelby kit on it with a huge hood intake for cool air. The car also has the signature of the man himself, Carol Shelby and a 50th-anniversary badge stating it’s been 50 years for Carol Shelby. The car has beautiful Shelby forged wheels and Brembo brakes. This car is not stock by any chance as it has been done up from everywhere making it a beast.

So these were some of the coolest lot cars I found at the Independence Day meet. The meet also had some classic cars such as the Ambassador, the 2003 Toyota Accord, Toyota Altezza, Toyota Crown, and Toyota Previa. With that, the fellow creators and people who participated at the meet were very polite and fun to talk to. I found this event very fun and exciting and hope to have more such meets in the future.

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Aryan Nair
Aryan Nair

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