Lamborghini’s First Electric 2+2 GT Will Soon Join Its future PHEV Siblings

The fourth Lamborghini will be a 2+2 electric GT, which also be brand's first electric car that will share the line-up with the upcoming hybrid Urus and the hybrid replacement of the Huracan.

In May 2021 Lamborghini’s President and CEO Stephen Winkelmann announced the brand’s line-up will go fully hybridised by the end of 2024 and be fully electrified by the other half of the decade. And recently the brand launched their first ever hybrid supercar and the Aventador’s replacement the Revuelto, a 6.5L PHEV 1001hp monster, in an interview between Motor1 and Stephen Winkelmann, Mr Winkelmann said that the brand is missing a 2+2 GT in their line-up, which will be a good move to fill-up an empty spot between the 2 Coupes and an SUV, according to the interview, the brand’s first-ever electric entry and the fourth Lamborghini in the line-up is going to be a 2+2 GT, that will be revealed by 2028 or 2029 when Lamborghini will reduce its emissions by 80%.

But, according to some previous rumours, the brand’s first-ever electric car was going to be a crossover because of seeing a rise in this breed, but according to what Mr Winkelmann said, the brand’s first EV will not be a car that will tackle rough roads like the Urus and will help to go brand’s sales skyrocket like what Urus is currently doing, instead, it will be a car that will be inspired from the 2+2 Lamborghini of the past like the Espada, the Islero, the Jarama and the Asterion Concept, the car will be well proportioned and will be designed to cover long distances fast but in utter comfort and luxury with the pinch of Lamborghini DNA.

Lamborghini first revealed their first ever electric concept Terzo Millennio on 17th November 2017, was created in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Italy, as an inspiration for the future Lamborghinis, and the first electric 2+2 GT Lamborghini can share more bits from the Terzo Millennio concept as compared to other future hybrid Lamborghinis that will join the line-up.

Talking about the design, the first Lamborghini electric 2+2 will likely share the Y-motif design cues from the Revuelto, which will now be a signature for the future Lamborghinis after the Revuelto, which will give the first ever electric Lambo GT a flashy, quirky and over the top look like the Revuelto but probably with the proportions of a proper GT car.

This Lamborghini electric GT will likely rival the rumoured Porsche 911 EV and when it will join the brand’s new line-up, Lamborghini had already updated the line-up by revealing the hybrid Urus probably by early 2024 and the hybrid replacement of the Huracan at the end of 2024. The automaker possibly use the axial-flux motor technology that is only been used in the Revuelto and cars like the Ferrari SF90 and the Mclaren Artura will probably be used in the brand’s first electric 2+2 as well, this technology will improve the power deficiency than the conventional radial-flux motors.

Lamborghini has said that they haven’t decided yet how the fourth Lamborghini will look, Mr Winkelmann said that currently, we have a bit more time to decide cause we are focused more towards the Revuelto and the upcoming Huracan replacement, and then the brand can decide what they can do in the 2030s. He then added that we are also going to observe the future market in terms of electrification and what the public has decided is acceptable in terms of government regulations and emission regulations.

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