Porsche 718 Spyder RS: Flat-6 Symphony Straight To Your Ears!

Porsche has come up with the topless GT4 RS, named the Spyder RS, weighs only 1410kgs with the roof up, which is 80kgs lighter than the GT4 RS, has a comfier ride quality than the GT4 RS, and is powered with the same 4.0L flat-6 from the GT4 RS, puts out put out 493hp and 450Nm of peak torque, 0-100km in 3.4 seconds, all similar to the GT4 RS.

When you Google ‘Sound’, the definition it will show is ‘vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear’, and our eardrums feel happy, when we listen to a sound that is pleasing to our ears, like the sound of the birds chirping early in the morning or the sound of a giant waterfall. Same as with the cars, some of the automotive brands across the world have created some great sounding cars, which produce a flavourful sound from their exhausts, which is considered a symphony to the ears, one of them is the Porsche GT4 RS, the most powerful version of the 718 Cayman with a naturally aspirated 4.0L flat-6, that engine is capable of revving all the way till 9000rpm, and there is no doubt how raw it is but at the same time, it sounds soothing to the ears.

And Now Porsche has come up with the topless version of the GT4 RS, named the Spyder RS, and until you say it is the GT4 RS with no roof, you are probably wrong, cause it’s the lightest version of the 718 ever, because it only weighs 1410kgs with its roof up, which makes it 40 kgs lighter than the Boxster Spyder PDK and 80kgs lighter than the GT4 RS, and with the roof down it loses 8kgs more, the wind-frame of the windshield too, is narrower than one on the GT4 RS. The Spyder RS has a proper portable manual roof instead of an automatic one, obviously for weight reduction, which takes 2 minutes to attach and the other 2 minutes to detach with the help of 2 individuals. And if you want to shed some more weight, Porsche offers an optional radio delete, which will throw out 6kgs more from the Spyder RS.

With the weight reduction, Porsche also has redesigned the front splitter to be a bit shorter to get it in an aerodynamical balance, because, unlike GT4 RS’s big swan neck spoiler, the Spyder RS gets a fixed swan-tail spoiler. The Spyder RS had also gone through some aerodynamic changes underneath to help it stick to the ground, and because there is no B-pillar, the intake system is now mounted on both sides behind the driver and the passenger seat, which will literally gonna make your eardrums dance with that 9000rpm flat-6 symphony. Porsche also has retuned suspension, which makes the ride of the Spyder RS a bit comfier than the GT4 RS.

The design of the Spyder RS is almost like the GT4 RS, with some mechanical and cosmetic changes here and there, and talking about carbon fibre, there is a plethora of it as on its coupe sibling, like carbon fibre bonnet with NACA ducts, you can get it with exposed carbon with the Weissach package, carbon fibre front splitter, the swan-tail spoiler is also carbon fibre, moving to the interior, you get carbon fibre bucket seats, some bits on the dash and on the centre console are also in carbon fibre. And Porsche offers Alcantara leather all over the interior of the Spyder RS, and being a roadster the Spyder RS misses out on a roll cage in the Weissach package.

And obviously, it gets the same 4.0L flat-6 from the GT4 RS, borrowed from the GT3, is capable to put out 493hp and 450Nm of peak torque, and it revs all the way till 9000rpm redline paired with a 7-speed PDK gearbox, and it can reach 0-100km in 3.4 seconds, which is similar to its coupe sibling.

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Nishant Bharwani
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