Vroom Drag Meet is set for its 7th edition

South India Rejoices! Drag Racing events are pretty much the best place to put your project car to the test; which is why The Driver’s Hub is a keen advocate to take the racing off the streets and onto the drag strip.

Jawa Yezdi motorcycles Present Vroom Drag meet 7th Edition Co-sponsored by Hero MotoCorp’s new offering, the Hero Xtreme 160R Will take place at TAAL (Taneja Aerospace Aviation Ltd) from the 25th of November 2022 to the 27th of November 2022.

In the last edition of Vroom, the event garnered many eyes and is now considered one of the most prominent drag racing events that cater to the west and south of India.
The 6th edition of vroom saw the participation of a variety of cars ranging from full-out drag-spec 2-stroke bikes all the way up to tuned supercars with over 1000bhp. It was a blockbuster event that garnered eyes from across the country, and this year it’s all being turned up a notch!

Just like last year, Day 1 consists of scrutiny, where the FMSCI (Federation of Motorsport Club of India) will ensure all the cars adhere to the category guidelines, and their roadworthiness and the stewards will also scrutinise the safety gear that is mandatory to participate.

Participants competing in the two-wheeler segments are required (mandatory) to wear a leather race suit with back and knee protectors, along with full-length race boots, full-gauntlet gloves and a proper full-face helmet with Double-D rings. Whereas participants in the four-wheeler categories will require a crash helmet, racing shoes and racing gloves, the participant will not be allowed a run on the strip if any safety protocols are not fulfilled.
Participants are also required to issue a one-day racing license from FMSCI if they are not possessing a full racing license. This procedure can be done while registering for scrutiny provided all the necessary documentation is presented.
This is to keep racing safe and ensure that the racing environment is tight, healthy, and competitive.

Day 2 is where the racing begins! Saturday is the day all the Indian categories run, this means all cars and bikes that have been produced in India, from the 2-stroke 135cc screamers all the way up to the 3000cc+ 4-wheeler categories. The biggest and craziest Indian builds will be battling it out to win the 6th Mile Customs designed trophy!

The big guns come out on Sunday as the import and open categories tear up the strip on Day 3 of the Vroom Drag Meet, Sunday is the day you see sub-10-second quarter-miles being constantly hit by turbo ZX-14Rs and 1400bhp GTRs. Watching these exotic machines battle it out on an airstrip truly is a visual treat to the car and bike enthusiast. Arguably, Sunday is the most anticipated day of the event when it comes to the spectator’s point of view. The import categories mainly comprise seasoned drivers and riders that are competing against the lowest margins, which creates a wonderful racing environment from the viewer’s perspective.

When it comes to the categories, the 7th edition Vroom Drag Meet will hold 26 bike classes and 32 car classes. The 4-wheeler classes range from sub-1-litre blocks up to 5000cc+ engines, even formula cars have a category! the categories are segregated to keep the racing as competitive and healthy as possible, for example, the car categories consider if your car is turbocharged or not, if you want to participate with a stock turbo car you will not fall under the direct category of your displacement, you will multiply your engine’s displacement by a factor of x1.7 for petrol or x1.5 for diesel. Which will place you in a category that makes you compete with bigger displacement cars that roughly push out the same amount of power.

The bike categories are simpler however scrutiny in the 2-wheeler categories is very thorough and strict as the risk at play is much higher. The bike classes range from 80cc scooters to unrestricted turbocharged Hayabusas and extended swing-arm S1000RRs.

There are promoter classes too, that are restricted to specific brands and models, like the Royal Enfield open class, Hero x Drag, or the JAWA / YEZDI open class, which helps bring a new audience into the sport of Drag Racing.


Jawa Yezdi motorcycles will be awarding the class winner of the Jawa/Yezdi class a Brand New Yezdi Scrambler and the Hero x Drag class winner will be riding home in a brand new Hero Xtreme 160R!


It is important to know that a class is only formed if there are over 10 participants in the same class, if the class is not formed the organisers can also bump you up a class or merge two classes to form one broad category.
As usual, the three fastest times per category will get to stand on the podium. If you’d like to participate you should hurry as the last date for registration is the 23rd of November 2022

To participate, register on this link: https://vroom.rehz.in/

If you’d like to spectate one of India’s most coveted drag racing events, where all you can hear is the thrum of thousands of horsepower hurling through a 2.3km straight airstrip, you can book your tickets on Paytm insider for the Vroom Drag event 26th and 27th of November 2022.

The spectator passes are available on: https://bit.ly/v7-tickets-insta-ad

Apart from the action on the strip, you can expect to be mesmerised by the TVS Racing stunt biker team that will be putting on a show for the crowd, and they never disappoint.

So what are you waiting for? Come crack a cold can of Monster Energy at the spectator’s stand while you watch some ballistic machines open the taps for the quarter mile! Only at Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles presents Vroom Drag Meet 7th Edition, co-Sponsored by Hero Xtreme 160R.

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