BYD Yangwang U9: World’s Quickest Supercar, That Can Bounce!

BYD Yangwang U9 is the most quickest accelerating electric supercar ever made that can do 0-100km in 2.0 seconds, and the crazy part is that, it can bounce with all of its 4 wheels up in the air with the help of BYD's latest DiSus-X suspension management technology.

You have seen some out of the blue car tech or an extreme version of already existing car tech, like GMC’s Crab Walk feature in the new Hummer EV, which helps the Hummer EV to move sideways and Tesla has taken autonomous driving to another level, but some of them are unnecessarily quirky, like the celebration mode on the Tesla Model-X, where the Model-X starts to dance, with the help of its doors, ORVS, headlamps and taillamps in action, but all this happens with the car standing still with no movement of the suspension that can make the Model-X do actual dance, like the Mercedes Maybach GLS which can shake and dance with the help of the individual wheel control and free driving mode.

But the Chinese brand BYD’s sister company Yangwang went even beyond and introduced a revolutionary supercar called the U9 at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, which can literally dance with the help of its suspensions with keeping one of 4 wheels in the air, the more insane thing is that it can literally bounce with all 4 wheels up in the air as well and also is able to run only on 3 wheels.

This happens because BYD has developed a new suspension technology called the DiSus, which includes Intelligent Damping Body Control System denoted as DiSus-C, Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System denoted as DiSus-P and Intelligent Air Body Control System denoted as DiSus-A, and with the U9 they have introduced the DiSus-X, which is the most advanced vehicle body control system of the industry globally, that provides complex vertical, lateral, and longitudinal motion control. The DiSus technology is thoroughly tested by BYD for 30 months and 1 crore kilometres. “The BYD DiSus System is the first self-developed intelligent body control system launched by a Chinese automobile company, marking the breakthrough from zero to one,” BYD’s chairman and president Wang Chuanfu said. “The BYD DiSus System will further secure the globally pioneering stance for BYD in the industry.”

Talking about the design, it has a really sharp looking front end but with lots of curves for aero purposes, with C-shape LED headlamps with an aggressive front splitter between the air dam, from the side the U9 has a purposely built aerodynamic look with proper butterfly doors as a supercar should, at it also got a big fin on the back with 2 light strips on either side of the fin works as stop-lamp, from the rear, you get 2 taillight bars of a rectangular shape as taillamps and instead of a rear bumper, it has a massive aggressive looking functional diffuser.

Now talking about the power figures, which are truly insane as well, the BYD YangWang U9 is powered by 4 electric motors, one for each wheel, which pumps out 1,100hp and 1,280Nm of peak torque, which helps the U9 to reach from 0-100km in 2.0 seconds dead, which is almost close to the 0-100 time of the Rimac Nivera hypercar, which makes the U9 the world’s quickest and the cheapest supercar because of a price tag of ₹1.2 Crore (before taxes). The U9’s battery can provide a range of up to 700kms on a single charge.

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Nishant Bharwani
Nishant Bharwani

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